About Us

Holistic Care Medical Staffing, LLC is a healthcare staffing agency that provides supplemental staffing to healthcare facilities and home care services (medical and non-medical services)  in the comfort and safety of our clients' homes.

Our agency is licensed by the state of New Jersey, bonded and insured. We are also approved for NJ Medicaid Waiver Global Options (Home Based Supportive Services).

At Holistic Care Medical Staffing, LLC, we understand HEALTH to be a dynamic process that embodies the physical, psychological and social dimensions of a human being. Therefore, our GOALS are to:

  • Help improve the physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellness of the people we serve by providing the highest quality of compassionate personalized care to the community with emphasis on the uniqueness of each individual;
  • Help our clients and their families enhance quality of life by reducing the impact of their conditions and assisting them to assume control over their lives, as much as possible.
  • Be a dedicated provider of job opportunities to the community.
  • Commit to deliver health care professionals and ancillary personnel of the highest standards to our clients.

Our MISSION is Unparalleled Service to our clients, our employees, our community.

With its focus on excellence, safety, trust and reliability, Holistic Care Medical Staffing, LLC is committed to meet your requirements.

We are dedicated to providing the best care to the patients/clients through our highly trained and experienced professionals.

We select the most qualified and experienced health care professionals in order to deliver the highest standard of care. Delivery of safe and effective care is our priority. Our professionals are screened thoroughly on their experience, criminal background, health status and eligibility to work in the USA. All references must be cleared by our management team prior to assignments.

Our VISION is to become a "HALLMARK" of excellence to our clients, our employees and our community.

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